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  • Roller Ski Racing

    Rollerski racing can be a fun way to encourage athletes to do more specific training and keep some competitive sharpness during our long off-season.

    Rollerski events are also great opportunities for skiers of different clubs to keep the same camaraderie going during the dryland season as they share during the winter racing season.

    Another benefit of rollerski events is that they can be held right in town and be great opportunities to promote our sport towards the general public as they are fast and exciting to watch. Who knows, they might even help recruit new participants attracted by this “extreme sport” side of cross country skiing!

    While not yet prevalent in North America, roller ski racing is quite popular and developed in Europe. Several athletes have developed into roller skiing specialists and compete on the Roller Skiing World Cup circuit and at World Championships, both sanctioned by FIS. As a matter of fact FIS points earned in sanctioned roller ski events are considered the same as points earned in FIS ski events during the winter and all fall under the same FIS points lists.

    For more info on FIS roller ski racing, consult the FIS rollerski page.

    Roller ski racing in Canada

    In an effort to encourage the Canadian cross-country ski community to develop and promote roller ski racing in Canada, Cross Country Ski de fond Canada has produced a Technical Package for Tier 2 roller ski events and can provide fully equipped standard skate rollerskis for this purpose.

    CCC has purchased 50 pairs of SWENOR skate rollerskis, in partnership with Canadian Wintersports and Rossignol Canada (bindings) to assist with standardization of equipment used for sanctioned rollerski events. The new fleet also aims to standardize testing protocols at provincial and national levels using rollerskis.

    The fleet is available for rental by National Development Centres and Divisions for standardized athlete testing purposes as well as race organizers to host CCC/division sanctioned rollerski events.






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