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    • Request for proposals: CCC – AltaGas Club Coaching Support Program

      May 28, 2015

      APPLICATION DEADLINE:   June 19th 2015

      The AltaGas Club Coaching Support Program (“ACCSP”) is a CCC initiative aimed at supporting Canada’s high performance clubs and coaches by optimizing High Performance coaches’ ongoing and practical education and training. Financial support will aim at improving the outlook for more full-time professional club coaching positions in Canada and consequently increase the number of Canadian clubs delivering year round, full-service programs.

      Through the sponsorship and support of AltaGas, CCC will identify clubs whereby financial support could assist in creating sustainable full-time professional club coaching positions.

      The ACCSP will support selected clubs for a period of 3 years, provided that clubs meet the expectations and deliverables specified in the agreement on a yearly basis and demonstrate progress towards achieving the clubs’ goals.

      The financial support over the three year term will be allocated according to the following schedule:

      1. First year: $12,000
      2. Second year: $10,000
      3. Third year: $8,000

      Clubs that are planning to hire a full time coach for the first time in 2015 will receive higher consideration but clubs that have only hired a full time coach for the first time in 2014-15 are also eligible for this funding program.

      Through the ACCSP, CCC seeks to achieve the following goals:

      1. Help clubs hire full time coaches for to improve the clubs’ ability to provide adequate programs that meet the development requirements of athletes from the L2T to T2C levels outlined in the LTAD, which will consequently enhance the quantity and quality of athletes constituting the NST talent pool.
      2. Help create a standardized and sustainable career path for professional club coaches and thus increase the retention level among our coaches; in particular this objective is focused on clubs and coaches who have demonstrated an ability to develop athletes through the L2T to T2C levels of LTAD and a commitment towards professional coaching development.
      3. Improve coaches’ financial conditions by recognizing acceptable and appropriate levels of remuneration.
      4. Enhance the quantity and quality of coaches working at the T2C level including those coaches constituting the future NST coaches talent pool.
      5. Encouragement of clubs to improve self-funding by providing initial support to build their capacity.