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  • High Performance Coaching Experience

    The HPCE program provides developing coaches with a variety of practical training opportunities that can be delivered through the National Development Centers (NDC) and the NST programs. Coaches selected for this program will benefit from a wide range of opportunities like attending NST or NDC training camps, regular home base training sessions for up to a week long period and domestic or international race trips as well.

    The primary aim of HPCE assignments is to enrich the overall system and to create a unified approach to high performance coaching within CCC . This goal will be achieved by providing selected developing coaches with national and international coaching opportunities, exposing them to coaching and technical practices consistent with LTAD principles currently employed within the NTDC and NST programs. The secondary aim is to supplement the technical support available on NTDC and NST camps, trips and competitions.

    HPCE policy

    Annexes, forms in word format

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