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  • Competition Coaching Development (CCD) - Para-Nordic

    The competition coaching-development (CCD) context for Para-Nordic coaches (who coach Para-Nordic athletes) consists of the following steps:

    NCCP Context

    Training components

    LTAD Stage

    Athlete age

    Competition Coaching:
    Development - Pare-Nordic

    • CCI-L2C trained status, PLUS
    • CCD-PN workshop

    Learning to Compete (L2C)

    16-20 +/- males
    15-19 +/- females


    about 7 years since accident or acquired disability

    This program is directed at coaches that are working with Para-Nordic (PN) athletes in the Learning to Compete (L2C) stage of development (see chart below). There are three components:.

    CCD-PN coach training steps:
    1. First complete CCD (L2C) coach training in cross country skiing, which includes multisport online modules, a Dryland Workshop (4 days) and an On-Snow Workshop (4 days). For details see the Competition-Development page.
    2. Complete the CCD-PN workshop:  This workshop is designed to train Para-Nordic coaches on designing seasonal plans and yearly training plans for PN athletes, coaching PN athletes for biathlon and designing and supervising PN athletes' strength training. Successful completion of the CCI-PN dryland and on snow workshops is a prerequisite.
    3. Complete CCD-PN practical experience requirements: The requirements are the same as for the CCD-L2C in cross country skiing context but have to be achieved while coaching Para-Nordic athletes (CCD-PN experience form)

    CCD-PN coach certification steps:

    The evaluation process leading to CCD-PN certification status is the same as for the CCD-L2C in cross country skiing context except that all sport specific evaluations must be done with Para-Nordic athletes or be related to Para-Nordic athletes.

    For a complete overview of the CCD-PN coach development pathway see the CCD-PN coach flowchart.

    Standards of evaluations and details of portfolio to provide for all five of CCC's Comp-Dev. PN evaluations: click here

    Coaches that complete these steps will be granted Certified status for the Competition-Development PN context.