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    • Paul Dugas and Manon Losier and the re-emergence of competitive cross country skiing in New-Brunswick

      October 29, 2014

      Paul Dugas, first Competition-Development certified cross country ski coach in Canada!

      That’s right! Of all cross country ski coaches in Canada, it is one from Caraquet, New-Brunswick, who is officially the first one to earn the certified status for the Competition-Development context of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

      Paul’s competitive coaching adventure started 6-7 years ago when parents of young skiers of the Club de Plein Air de Caraquet (CPAC) showed interest in introducing their kids to competitive cross-country skiing. To provide support to this new program, the Élites du Nord-Roi (ENR) ski club was rejuvenated, a club that had its glory days in the 80s and early 90s in New-Brunswick, with the help of two parent-coaches: Paul Dugas and Manon Losier (herself from Tracadie-Sheila). As a matter of fact, Manon was provincial champion when racing for that club in the late 80s.

      Manon Losier, a precious collaborator

      Paul and Manon (also working towards Comp-Dev. certification) therefore pursued their coach training together since then but also undertook to give the provincial development program a big boost. As such, they have led the provincial team program together for the last 3 years. As if it wasn’t enough…, Paul even started a Sport-School program in the region!

      In just a short while, their impact on the development of competitive cross country skiing in New-Brunswick has simply been remarkable, as exemplified by participation in the numerous provincial training camps they have been organizing which went for about 10 athletes when they started 3 years ago to over 40 this year! Mind you, it is not so surprising considering how well treated the athletes are!: different experts attending each camp, physio, yoga, ski selection, nutrition, etc.

      All of these successes didn’t come out of nowhere of course but are rather the result of years of hard work, professionalism, perseverance and passion! In addition, Paul and Manon always made their own coaching development a priority (and still do!) throughout their NCCP journey so that the athletes they coach could benefit from the latest and greatest in regard to athlete development principles and techniques. But after all, one must recognize that for an accountant and a chemist, methodology and attention to details simply come naturally!

      Congratulations to both of you and long life to New-Brunswick athletes!