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    • AltaGas Club Coaching Final Report from Chelsea Nordiq

      May 10, 2012


      This year we had 17 cross-country athletes and 10 biathletes involved in the Nordic Race Program.  Three training sessions per week were held during the summer and four sessions per week from September to April, for a total of approximately 170 sessions for the year.  This year the program had fewer athletes as we reorganized our training categories. We kept our midgets in the racing rabbit program, while our juveniles and juniors were served by the Nordic Race program. In this older group there has been a great increase in quality and quantity their training and racing.

      The Head Coach supported between 11 and 22 athletes at 8 Quebec Cup races, 3 Midget Noram Races and 5 National Championship races at Haywood Ski Nationals. He also raced in three local races giving his athletes a chance to challenge him. This year two athletes were able to beat their coach, the others still have this challenge in front of them.

      Chelsea Nordiq had a great season this year provincially with 5 medals in the Juvenile age category and twenty one top-ten finishes. Chelsea also earned 11 midget medals and 12 top-ten finishes in races that were supported by the head coach. Chelsea Nordiq performed really well at nationals with 3 medals and 3 additional top-ten placings.  Chelsea Nordiq moved from 46th ranked club at nationals in 2011 to 16th ranked club at Nationals in 2012, while fielding athletes in 3 of the younger categories.  Many of our biathletes did their ski training with us this year and many people remarked at the improvement in their skiing and racing. They demonstrated this by winning 5 medals at Biathlon National Championships.

      As important as medals are, it is just as important that each athlete was able to reach their goals and have good races no matter where they finished in the results.  All of our athletes are improving and becoming very smart and talented athletes. The club “machinery”, structure, and support is well primed and we expect continued growth and success over many years.

      It takes a lot of support to wax skis, arrange food and deal with travel logistics, in order to allow our athletes to have successful race experiences. We should be very proud of the support that we provided our athletes. This year we had an athlete achieve the pinnacle of his age category, the aggregate win at Nationals.  This was clearly a milestone event, as it demonstrated that Chelsea Nordiq was able to support an athlete to becoming the best in the country. We have elite athletes and we have elite level support.  The club’s development has benefited greatly from the financial support of AltaGas.

      This year’s Head Coach supported the Masters Program with Monday night learn-to-ski lessons.  The Jackrabbit coaches received one 1 training session and he supported the ICC and CC coaching courses. The Head coach and the Nordic Race group also participated in coaching/mentoring sessions for all of the Jackrabbit level 3 and 4 participants, racing rabbits, adventure rabbits and the junior adventure program.  There was considerable partnership between our younger Racing Rabbit Program and the older Nordic Race program in training and at races like the Eastern Canadian Championships.  In the future, creating stronger partnerships between all of the Chelsea Nordiq programs is important to retain athletes in the organisation.

      The Head Coach also spent a considerable amount of time creating relationships with the other clubs in the region. We held combined training sessions and time trials with Skinouk and Nakkertok.  Chelsea Nordiq has developed a good reputation in the regional, provincial and national ski community.

      2010-2011 Competitive Season

      This was a transition year from the Head coach with Chris Halderson leaving and Maurice Samm being hired as the new head coach. Maurice began work for Chelsea Nordic in August of last year. 

      In the 2010 – 2011 season we had 20 cross-country athletes and four biathletes involved in the Nordic Race 1 Program, 4 cross-country athletes and 9 biathletes involved in the Nordic Race 2 Program. Three training sessions a week were held for the NR1 group for a total of 102 trainings since Maurice began in August. Four training sessions a week were held for the NR2 group totalling 136 trainings since Maurice began in August.  These sessions focused on building a sense of team, endurance, strength, speed, balance, mental focus and a love of cross-country skiing and high performance training.  Overall, practices were well attended and well received by athletes and parents.

      The Head Coach supported athletes at 9 Quebec Cup races, 4 NCD Races, 3 Midget Noram Races and 5 National Championship races. He also supported the Sunday race of the Chelsea Nordiq Biathlon race and the NordicX Sprint Race.  Chelsea Nordic performed very well during this competition year with 1 Quebec Cup Gold Medal and many top ten and twenty finishes. In the midget category we had 8 medals at Quebec Cup races. Chelsea Nordiq sent 5 athletes to Jeux de Quebec where we performed very well with many top ten finishes and two medals. At Midget Norams, Chelsea Nordiq won 4 medals and had many top ten finishes. Chelsea Nordiq won the silver medal in the relay and won the team aggregate award for the entire Championships, this was the first time that Chelsea has won this award. Chelsea Nordiq sent two athletes to National Championships where they performed very well.  The Chelsea Nordiq Team is young and will be very exciting to watch develop into the future. We should be very proud of our athletes as they showed incredible strength as athletes and great style as people.

      The Head Coach worked with a number of parents in the Chelsea Race program to create successful race experiences for athletes. Chelsea is creating a very strong group of parents that are capable of waxing, organizing race weekends and supporting athletes at a very high level. It will be important to retain these skills and pass them on to future parents in the program.

      This year the Head Coach supported the Master’s Program with Monday night learn to ski lessons, the Jackrabbit program with 1 training session for Coaches  and the Junior Adventure program with 1 training session for athletes. There was considerable partnership between the Racing Rabbit Program and the Nordic Race program. In the future, creating stronger partnerships between all of the Chelsea Nordiq programs, particularly the Jack Rabbits and the older programs, will help to keep more kids in skiing and racing.

      The Head Coach also spent a considerable amount of time creating relationships with the other clubs in the region. We held combined training sessions with Kanata Racers and Nakkertok and we teamed up with Skinouk for waxing at nationals.  Chelsea Nordiq has a positive reputation in the local National Capital ski community.

      2009-2010 Competitive Season

      Chris Halderson was the coach for this season. There were 7 cross country athletes and 4 biathletes involved in the program. This was the first year of the AltaGas grant. Seven Athletes participated in the Quebec cup race series and four athletes competed in the Canadian National Championships in Whitehorse, Yukon.  The head coach also worked with the Racing Rabbit Programs helping to support future racers.

      At the end of this season Chris decided to go back to university and Maurice Samm was hired to replace him.

      2009-2010 midgets and Nordic Race Program

      Participation in the Nordic Race Program supervised by the head coach





      Cross Country








      * Large number includes a number of midget races

      **Drop in numbers represents a change in program with midget racers staying in the racing rabbit program

      Awards and results

      Quebec Cup Awards *








      Top ten Finishes




      National Medals




      National Top Ten




      Biathlon Nationals




      *Juvenile, age 14  and Up

      Chelsea Nordiq is clearly a club on the move.  We have an enormous base with a Bunnyrabbit/Jackrabbit program that habitually tops 200 participants, Racing Rabbits with 40 participants and 50 youth who participate in adventure programs.  In the early years of the club, we had some remarkable young athletes.  They inevitably left the organisation, as we did not have the structure to support them into their competitive years.  A number of them now sit at or near the top of their respective age categories.  Now that we have been able to develop a comprehensive race program, we now retain all our athletes.  We have joined the ranks of the elite clubs in the country, and yet still have much more growth and development ahead of us.  AltaGas, through its program of coaching/club support, has been an essential part of this maturation.

      Thank you………..ALTAGAS!