• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Red Deer Nordic AltaGas Ski at School Program

      April 4, 2018

      The Ski At School Project did proceed as planned with some modifications to scheduling and
      start and finish dates due to poor snow conditions and extreme cold. Our funding allowed us to
      purchase 20 sets of skate skis, with that equipment,two dedicated coaches and the support of
      teachers; the Ski At School project delivered 47 skate ski sessions at four different schools:
      Mount View Elementary, Central Middle School, Glendale Middle School and Don Campbell
      Elementary. For many of these students this was their first exposure to skate skiing. The
      program provided 11 sessions for three After-School Ski Clubs: Mount View Elementary, Central
      Middle School and East View Middle School. 1583 students and 83 teachers were engaged
      over the course of the program which ran from January 16 - March 1, 2018. Upon completion of
      the in-school sessions, Ski At School provided lesson plans which the teachers could continue
      to use and build on for the rest of this season.

      By providing equipment and qualified coaches,the Ski At School Program was able to work withschools which either had limited or no ski equipment, and was able to provide students an
      opportunity to experience skate skiing through well-organized and age-appropriate lessons.
      Students and teachers were physically active outdoors enjoying the health benefits and having
      fun during the winter season. All schools have expressed interest in purchasing skate skis to
      ensure a lasting ski program, some have begun fund raising with a goal of having skis for the
      2019 season. Teachers gained confidence to continue to work with students with the lessons
      that were provided as part of the post Ski At School program. Students demonstrated a sense of
      pride, competence and confidence at the end of the sessions.

      Ski at School is fully booked for the 2019 season with a wait list, which confirms the desire for
      this type of program, and speaks to the success of a well-planned first year. We hope to secure
      more funding to continue the growth of the program in 2019. This year saw more than 200
      volunteer hours contributed to ensure the success of the project, these volunteer hours are
      secured for the 2019 season.

      Lisa Tough, Alanna Butler
      Red Deer Nordic Ski Club