• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Nordiq Canada’s 1st annual Run-Jump-Pull Challenge

      May 23, 2019

      Throughout the month of June, Nordiq Canada encourages all clubs, teams, training centres, etc, across the country to get as many athletes of all ages to take up the Run-Jump-Pull challenge. You will find detailed guidelines, standards and recording templates on Nordiq Canada website.

      Nordiq Canada will recognize clubs and divisions with the most participants and athletes with the highest scores per year of birth.

      We will also start up a database on the website to track average performances per age and gender as well as standards and top performances. But we can only do so if you send in the results of your testing! Please forward results to Ilona Gyapay ([email protected]) following the hosting of each RJP challenge. Be assured that all results will remain confidential and top performing athletes will be asked for permission before releasing their names.

      Of course the purpose of running these tests is not just to have an idea of how athletes currently compare between themselves across the country but also to provide meaningful and motivating goals for self improvement throughout the dryland training season. We therefore recommend running these tests on a fairly regular basis but still allowing for enough time to improve in between. For example, every 6 weeks.

      Happy challenge!