• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Cross Country Canada Competition Model and Pathway updated

      June 13, 2018

      CCC is proud to release a signifiant update of CCC's Competiton Model for cross country skiing with many new guidelines and a standalone Competition Pathway chart.

      Summary of changes and additions to the previous version:
      1. Competition Pathway chart created to illustrate the progression of the type of events to prioritize from one LTAD stage to the other
      2. Rationale added for combining categories for racing purposes in certain circumstances
      3. Common age categories for male and female athletes for racing purposes
      4. Breaking down of Fundamentals LTAD stage into two racing categories (pee-wee and mini-midget)
      5. Common guidelines between male and female athletes pertaining to race distances and formats up to the juvenile category
      6. Guidelines in regard to off-season racing
      7. Guidelines on taking advantage of US races and when to consider European racing trips

      HERE to see it all!