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    What is a CCC Skill Development Camp?

    A CCC Skill Development Camp is an integral part of a progressive club athlete development system. Camps can help children learn ski related technical skills, teamwork, self reliance and good eating habits. They can facilitate the recruitment of new participants, motivate, promote friendships, influence lifestyle choices and provide a positive introduction to activities that encourage physical fitness.

    Skill Development Camps are part of CCC Track Attack Program and target children in the Learning to Train stage of development.

    Planning Your Camp

    For detailed information on how to organize a CCC Skill Development Camp refer to the NCCP L2T (Dryland) Reference Material, pages 160-191. For additional information on activities and games that are appropriate for this age range, refer to other sections in the same manual.

    Things to think about as you plan your camp:

    • how well the camp addresses the objectives of the Track Attack Program;
    • the club's ability to guarantee a safe, well-organized camp; 
    • an age-appropriate camp agenda;
    • head coach with minimum NCCP Level 2/L2T training; and
    • a minimum of 8 participants.

    Example of an on-snow camp by Telemark Nordic Ski Club in 2015:

    Who to invite?

    • Children who are current members of a CCC club or those interested in joining.
    • Children between the ages of 9 and 12.  (L2T stage)  The use of a CCC camp waiver form is required if an athlete is not a current member of the host club.  Refer to page 167 in the L2T Reference Material
    Registration Fees

    Event organizers are encouraged to keep their camp fees as low as possible (or nil) to encourage participation.

    Suggestions for Host Clubs:

    • To organize the camp according to the guidelines outlined in the L2T Reference Material page 160 - 191. 
    • CCC is happy to post reports, photos and videos of your camp. Please submit to CCC's Athlete Development Coordinator, Eva Hornyansky.

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