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    • 2014 Nominations for positions on the CCC Board of Directors (updated)

      June 5, 2014

      June 4, 2014

      Report of the Cross-Country Ski de fond Canada (CCC) Nominations Committee

      The Nominations Committee for positions on the CCC Board of has completed its work. 

      Regarding these who proposed their candidacies prior to the 10 May 2014 target date, and did not subsequently withdraw their candidacies, the following are the candidates:

      For the position of Chairman of the Board (one to be elected):

            no candidates

      For the positions Directors-at-large (three to be elected):

      1. Dorothy Lothian
      2. Jennifer Tomlinson
      3. Marie-Eve Bilodeau-Corriveau

      Please note that any qualified individual can be nominated at a meeting called for the election of directors.  Such a meeting will be held on 14 June 2014 in Canmore as part of the Annual General Meeting of CCC.

      The Committee will submit to the CCC Board suggestions for improvement to the nominations process.

      The Committee acknowledges that this posting does not meet the provision of the CCC Bylaw requiring circulation to members of valid nominations by 21 days before the Annual General Meeting. 

      Jim McCarthy

      Acting Chair, CCC Nominations Committee

      2014 CCC Annual General Meeting