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  • Post-Secondary Programs

    The post secondary programs page is intended to provide Canadian athletes with some insight into the options available to them in pursuit of the academic and athletic goals.  This page will include documents and other materials to assist athletes as they make their decisions regarding their personal post-secondary athletic/academic balance.

    Below is a list of potential post-secondary school options for skiers who want to continue skiing while they continue with their education.  This list includes: Canadian Universities that offer or support XC ski teams/programs; Clubs that are located in close proximity to universities/educational institutions and that currently have post-secondary athletes; and National Development Centers in Canada.  The list also includes options available to Canadian student athletes in the United States (NCAA program).

    This list is not exhaustive, nor is the information complete.  It does, however, present a snapshot of the options available and a brief description of the programs available to provide some initial guidance.  We encourage athletes and parents to contact the coaches and program coordinators to understand the specifics of the programs offered to better determine the program fit against each individual’s goals.

    Canadian Universities

    Club Programs

    Other Post-secondary Options

    Laval (Varsity)



    McGill (Club)

    Mont St. Anne

    NDC Thunder Bay

    Carleton (Varsity)



    Nipissing (Varsity)

    Black Jack

    US - NCAA

    Queens (Club)



    University of Toronto (Club)

    Big Thunder


    Guelph (Club)

    Rocky Mountain Racers


    Waterloo (Varsity)



    Laurentian (Club)



    Algoma (Club)



    Lakehead (Varsity)



    University of Alberta (Varsity)



    University of Alberta – Augustana (Varsity)



    University of Calgary (Club)



    UBC (Club)



    UNBC (Varsity)



    uOttawa (Competitive Club)