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    • Request for Proposals: National Winter Sports Association

      March 25, 2012

      A Financial Assistance Opportunity aimed at supporting the development of internationally competitive Canadian athletes in cross-country skiing.
      The “National Winter Sports Association” (NWSA) was established through the foresight and donation of the Disbrow family to assist cross-country ski clubs with proven ability to develop competitive skiers and coaches based on long-term development planning. The NWSA has a Board of Directors which decides on the direction and allocation of the NWSA grants. Cross Country Canada manages and administrates the annual funding allocations of the NWSA Board.
      The Association’s order of priorities for funding assistance includes:
      1.   The hiring of full time professional coaches to lead year round athlete development programs. The coach is required to adapt an inclusive approach to Cross Country Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Guide, “Cross-Country Skiing – A Sport for Life.”
      2.   Advancing the education of professional coaches and cross-country ski racers who want to become professional coaches; this may include assisting them in their education at the National Coaching Institute (NCI) or other career enhancing opportunities.
      3.   Funding assistance for athletes who have the skill and desire to compete, first for their club and provincial team and then at the National Ski Team level.
      4.   Funding assistance for Cross Country Canada’s National Development Centres (NDCs).
      There will be a limited amount of money available for disbursement by NWSA in the 2012-13 season. The allocation of funds will be based on NWSA’s priorities in alignment with the following guidelines:
      a)   The quality of the club or NDC’s proposed program and the organizational support systems to deliver the program.
      b)   Funding assistance for career coaching development and education at the club and NDC level based on the coach development plans.
      c)   Funding assistance for individual athletes based on the published eligibility guidelines and consideration of the athlete’s long term goals and objectives leading towards international success.
      Submit to:         Thomas Holland, CCC Director of High Performance ([email protected])
      Closing Date:    April 10th, 2012 (Athlete applications due March 31st)
      Selection Process:
      • All applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee designated by the NWSA.
      • The Selection Committee will determine a short list of candidates.
      • The Selection Committee will send the short list of candidates to the NWSA Board for final selection and approval.
      • Successful candidates will be notified by phone and e-mail.
      Please contact: James Cunningham, CCCHigh Performance Development Coordinator  [email protected] for questions or concerns.
      Notification of selections: estimated to be May 15, 2012 (to be confirmed by the NWSA Board)
      Electronic submissions required.