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  • Advanced Coaching Diploma

    The Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) is the pinnacle of a coaches’ education in the National Coaching Certification Program. ACD coaches are recognized as being among the most qualified coaches and leaders of athletes and sport programs provincially, nationally and internationally.

    The Diploma consists of four core themes; Coaching Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning, and Training and Competition Readiness. Each theme requires coaches to complete a series of modules comprised of several 3 hour units of in-classroom sessions, seminars, workshops or labs. Coaches will be evaluated in each module based on their ability to demonstrate competency coaching developing athletes. Coaches enrolled in the Diploma program will work with a designated master and/or mentor coach who will support them in their completion of program requirements. The diploma program requires a mid-point and final assessment by a panel of content specialists. The Diploma is one step towards certification in the Competition-Development Advanced Gradation context. To complete his/her certification, the coach must contact his/her NSO to apply for the sport-specific evaluation.

    For coaches seeking Level 4/5 task recognition, please contact your Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) or Canadian Sport Centre (CSC) Director to get your personal mapping/schedule.

    Target Coaches

    The Advanced Coaching Diploma predominantly targets coaches working with Train to Train and Train to Compete athletes, which may include:

    • Canada Games and provincial team head coaches;
    • Personal coaches of pre-carded, provincially carded, and developmental carded athletes;
    • Club coaches of highly ranked clubs and self-made/entrepreneurial coaches;
    • Post-secondary coaches (CIS, NCAA, CCAA);
    • NSO-identified coaches with potential to develop into coaches of high performance athletes;
    • National Training Centre coaches and assistant coaches;

    The Diploma Program

    The Advanced Coaching Diploma provides flexibility for the active coach with a busy schedule. The Diploma is available in a two year, part-time program, but may be obtained in more or less time depending on the location; various delivery schedules are available.

    Entry Pre-requisites

    Please download the Advanced Coaching Diploma brochure for the entry pre-requisites for coaches wishing to achieve an Advanced Coaching Diploma. Please contact the CSI or CSC in your region for more information on enrolling.


    The full cost of the Diploma is $3,500 and $13,000 for international students. Tuition is paid in two installments but may vary by location. A number of grants and bursaries may be available depending on location.

    For locations and contact information, please consult CAC website: http://coach.ca/advanced-coaching-diploma-s13778