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  • Competition Coaching Introduction (CCI) - Para-Nordic

    The competition coaching-introduction (CCI) context for Para-Nordic coaches (who coach athletes with a disability – "AWAD") consists of the following steps:

    NCCP Context

    Training components

    LTAD Stage

    Athlete age

    Competition Coaching:
    Introduction - AWAD

    • CCI-L2T trained status, PLUS
    • CCI-AWAD dryland workshop
    • CCI-AWAD on snow workshop

    Learning to Train (L2T) and Training to Train (T2T)

    9 - 16 males
    8 - 15 females


    5-7 years since accident or acquired disability

    The Competition Coaching Introduction (CCI) - AWAD coach development program provides tools and develops skills that a coach can use to: (1) create a fun, team-oriented environment that will motivate Par-Nordic athletes in the L2T and T2T stages to achieve their personal goals in sport, improve their technical skills and develop a lifelong interest in the fitness and health benefits of cross-country skiing.

    CCI-AWAD coach training steps:

    1-     First complete “mainstream” CCI (L2T) coach training, which includes a Dryland Workshop (19 hrs) and an On-Snow Workshop (16,5 hrs). For details see the Competition-Introduction page.

    2-     Complete the CCI-AWAD Dryland workshop:  This workshop is designed to train Para-Nordic coaches on designing seasonal plans and yearly training plans, athlete assessment, medical and physiological considerations, organizing training camps and equipment maintenance. Successful completion of the Community Coach (CC)-AWAD Workshop is a prerequisite.

    3-     Complete the CCI-AWAD On Snow workshop:  This workshop is designed to train Para-Nordic coaches on teaching technique, leading a PN Team, PN athletes classification, ski preparation and equipment, administration, PN events. Successful completion of the CCI-AWAD Dryland Workshop is a prerequisite.

    4-     Complete CCI-AWAD practical experience requirements: The requirements are the same as for the CCI-L2T “mainstream” context but have to be achieved while coaching Para-Nordic athletes (CCI-AWAD experience form)

    CCI-AWAD coach certification steps:

    The evaluation process leading to CCI-AWAD certification status is the same as for the CCI-L2T “mainstream” context except that all sport specific evaluations must be done with Para-Nordic athletes or be related to Para-Nordic athletes.

    For a complete overview of the CCI-AWAD coach development pathway see the CCI-AWAD coach flowchart.

    Standards of evaluations and details of portfolio items to provide:  

    NB: only one practice plan is needed and should be the one used for the on-snow practice evaluation