Competition Coaching Development (Comp-Dev)

The competition coaching-development (CCD) context is broken down into 3 steps:

NCCP Context
Context components
LTAD Stage
Athlete age
Competition Coaching:
Development (CCD)

  • Multisports modules
  • Dryland workshop
  • On snow workshop
Learning to Compete
16 - 20 +/- males
15 - 19 +/- females

This program is directed at coaches that are working with athletes in the Learning to Compete (L2C) stage of development (see chart below). There are three components:

1. Competition-Development Multi-sport Modules
  • Leading Drug Free Sport (3.5 hrs)
  • Managing Conflict (4.5 hrs)
  • Coaching and Leading Effectively (10 hrs)
  • Psychology of Performance (7 hrs)
These modules are delivered online by the CAC or by provincial multisports organizations or as part of the Advanced Coaching Diploma delivered National Coaching Institutes. For more information please contact your division coaching coordinator.

2. Competition-Development Sport Specific Training
  • Dryland workshop (5 days)
  • On-Snow workshop (4 days)
  • Coaching Experience (practical coaching experience working with athletes in the L2C stage of development)
3. Competition-Development Online Evaluations
  • Leading Drug Free Sport
  • Managing Conflict
  • Making ethical decisions
Steps to NCCP Competition Coaching-Development(CCD) certification updated June 2015 (view flowchart):
  1. Complete all four multi-sport modules and corresponding evaluations
  2. Complete both CCD workshops
  3. Complete practical requirements for CCD (L2C experience form)
  4. Complete other tasks outlined on the CCD-L2C Certification Checklist
  5. Complete the three CAC online evaluations.
Standards of evaluations and details of portfolio to provide for all five of CCC's comp-Dev. evaluations: click here

Coaches that complete these steps and become certified Competition-Development coaches are then eligible for the next step in the NCCP progression: Competition-Development advanced

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