• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
  • NCCP Competition Coaching Development Advanced Gradation (CDAG)

    The CDAG context is broken down into two steps:


    NCCP Context


    Context components


    LTAD Stage


    Athlete age

    Competition Development – Advanced Gradation (CDAG)

    1- Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD)
    2- Sport-specific training

    Training to Compete (T2C)

    16 - 23 +/- males
    15 - 23 +/- females

    1.  Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD)

    ACD consists of 18 modules covering the following 4 major themes:

    • Coaching Leadership
    • Training and Competition Readiness
    • Coaching Effectiveness
    • Performance Planning

    2. Sport-specific training and evaluations

    • Sport-specific modules at CCC HP coaching seminar (ex: technique, physiology, psychology, etc)
    • Coaching experience working with athletes in the T2C stage of development
                 CDAG sport-specific (CCC) evaluation standards

    Steps to CDAG certification (view flowchart):
    1. Complete Advanced Coaching Diploma training and evaluation
    2. Attend CCC HP coaching seminar and complete related assignments
    3. Complete other sport-specific assignments and practical coaching experiences (CDAG Coach Pathway Guide)

    Coaches who complete these steps and become certified CDAG coaches are then eligible for the next step in the NCCP progression: High Performance context

    Maintenance of certification policy

    Professional Development opportunities