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    • CCC partners with Coaching Association of Canada for soft launch of new online Coach Initiation module

      November 28, 2016

      This Coach Initiation in Sport online multisport module will now be used as a first mandatory step of a new CCC coaching development pathway created to encourage cross country ski athletes (or ex-athletes) to initiate their coach training.

      Athletes with at least 2 years provincial and national racing experience (as demonstrated by 2 years of distance CPL ranking) wishing to start their coach training in the Comp-Intro. context (CCI-L2T) will be allowed to do so by doing the Coaching Initiation e-learning module and signing CCC Coaches’ code of conduct.

      The Coach Initiation online module is designed as an introduction to the key coaching concepts and educational tools that are the foundation of the NCCP and should take approximately 1 hour to complete. Coaches will learn the fundamentals of coaching as it explores topics including long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness. The module remains an excellent informational resource for coaches which they can revisit at any time after successful completion of the module.

      As part of the soft launch period which will last approximately until the end of January 2017, the Coach Initiation online module will be free of charge. When the module becomes available to all the Canadian Coaching community after that, the fee for taking the module will be $15.

      Note that this e-leaning module is part of official NCCP training and will be credited as such on coaches’ transcripts in the Locker.

      To access the Coach Initiation e-learning module, coaches need to sign in the following staging version of the Locker and pick “Coach Initiation” under e-learning:


      Also be notified that CCC is currently working on a ski-specific Intro to Community Coaching (ICC) online module which will be combined with the multisport Coach Initiation online module. This combination of e-learning modules will effectively replace the current ICC workshop and related materials by fall 2017 at the earliest. More details will follow when we are closer to launching this new training.