• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • CCC launches new Online Waxing Clinic

      December 12, 2018

      Cross Country Canada is proud to add another online training resource to its expanding e-learning portfolio, hosted in the Locker (Coaching Association of Canada).

      The module will be free for any coaches with Intro. to Community Coach training and $12 for any other person interested in improving their waxing skills and knowledge. You don’t have to be a coach nor have any NCCP training to do this online waxing clinic!

      If you do not have a Locker account already, you can create one easily and then access the online waxing clinic under the e-learning tab.

      Throughout this online training module you will find a series of videos and other information on the following skills:

      ·  Applying and ironing parafin glide wax

      ·  Scraping and brushing parafin glide wax

      ·  Tools and tool care

      ·  Powders: application and ironing

      ·  Powders: rotocorking and finishing

      ·  Blocks and pucks

      ·  Liquids and gels

      ·  Structure

      ·  Kick zone sanding and binder

      ·  Applying kick wax

      ·  Removing kick wax

      ·  Klister base

      ·  Applying klister

      ·  Mixing klisters

      ·  Tips for klister

      ·  Removing klister

      ·  Travel wax and hot scraping

      ·  Hairies

      ·  Stone grinding and new ski prep