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    • 1000 registrations’ milestone reached for CCC Licensed Coaches!

      November 29, 2017

      Thank you to all the coaches who have signed up so far.

      CCC Coach License confirmation list

      It is important for Cross Country Canada and Divisions to know who our coaches are to better assess their impact on the Athlete Development system and identify gaps to be addressed. It is also a new requirement to benefit from CCC’s liability insurance but there are many more benefits! (see below)

      CCC estimates that there are about 3000 active coaches across the country that support all types of participants so many more are to come!

      Benefits of the CCC Coaching License

      • It is free!
      • CCC Liability insurance coverage for coaches, as long as other Minimum Mandatory Coaching Qualification requirements are met;
      • Allowing CCC and divisions to assess trends in regards to coach retention, coach development and coach/athlete ratios, leading to more efficient and targeted coach and athlete development plans, policies and initiatives;
      • Occasional communication on pertinent coaching information like newly developed coaching resources and other support available;
      • Allowing CCC and divisions to speak of and represent the entire coaching community while negotiating and managing partnerships and sponsorships;
      • Awarding Coaching Points towards CCC’s Club Podium ranking; CCC Coach License statistics can also be used for other club awards reflecting Coaching Development.
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      • Exclusive Coupon-Code providing 10% discount on all items in CCC's E-Store at any time!

      For more details on the CCC Coach License and how to sign up, see CCC’s Coach License webpage