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    The Athlete Development Matrix is CCC’s new athlete development model. It has been developed with the help and contribution of experts from Own The Podium (OTP), Sport-Canada LTAD expert group, the NST and NDC Integrated Support Team (IST) specialists and some of Canada's HP cross country ski coaches.

    In addition to providing specific guidance on how to develop each performance factor at every stage of development, it also now includes specific benchmarks and standards to aim for, for each performance factors at each stage of development as well as additional resources to facilitate the interpretation of the matrix guidelines.

    Acknowledging that a lot more than just training affects performances, the Matrix also includes recommendations for a large number of additional considerations and factors affecting performance such as the supporting role of parents, good coaching, the balance with academics and/or part time work, financial considerations, accessible training facilities, equipment, etc.
    For the same reason, CCC’s competition model is also integrated to the Matrix for parents, coaches and club program directors to have a full picture of all the factors to consider when developing athletes.

    The full Matrix with all guidelines, benchmarks and resources per stage of development will be continually enhanced and augmented as we develop and gather new resources. We hope that you will already find a lot of useful information! That being said, remember that the guidelines provided remain... guidelines, that always assume a "normal" progression of athletes from the first stage (Active Start) to the last one in regard to HP development (Training to Win). The Matrix does not have the pretention of replacing formal coaching education but is rather to be considered simply as another resource to assist with coaches' long term professional development.

    In order to have access to the full Matrix content, coaches must have taken at least one cross country ski specific NCCP coach training workshop and register here.

    Once registered, coaches will receive an e-mail to confirm that their registration has been authorized (CAC passport # required). If you already have your username and password, please log in!

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    Athlete Development Matrix overview for first stages

    To view the Athlete Development Grid for children in the Active Start stage of development, boys and girls 0 to 6,
    click here.
    To view the Athlete Development Grid for children in the FUNdamentals stage of development, boys 6 to 9 and girls 6 to 8, click here.
    To view the Athlete Development Grid for children in the Learn to Train (L2T) stage of development, boys 9-12 and girls 8-11, click here.

    Generic LTAD resources

    To view Sport Canada's and CCC sport-specific LTAD materials:
    click here

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