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  • Racing Rocks!

    Racing Rocks! is a skill development program dedicated to introducing children to the fun aspects of competition.  A Ski Tournament, a Team Sprint or a Nordic Ski Cross event are one day extravaganzas of fun competition and special activities, on snow or on rollerskis!
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    Roller Ski Rocks!

    Rollerskiing is the most specific way of skiing in the summer (other than skiing on glaciers…) and therefore provides skiers with the opportunity to develop and refine their ski technique year round.

    CCC is launching a new Racing Rocks! event aime
    d at athletes at the end of the Learning to Train (L2T) stage: Roller Ski Rocks! RSR! events can come in various shapes and forms. See
    for more information.

     Roller Ski Rocks Hosting Suggestions and Guidelines


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    Ski Tournament

    A day of activities which can include a combination of a Terrain Park Relay, a Mad Dash an individual sprint race and games. 

    Ski Tournament Hosting Suggestions.

    Team Sprints

    A team sprint is a two-person sprint relay. The first skiers on each team start together and race the sprint course, then hand off to their team-mates, who also ski the course. 

    Team Sprint Hosting Suggestions.

    Nordic Ski Cross

    An Xtreme X-Country event designed to enable skiers to apply their cross-country skills to challenging terrain in an environment of adventure and intra-group competition.

      Nordic Ski Cross Hosting Suggestions.

    Midget Championships

    A provincial/territorial event designed to bring young skiers  together for a weekend of cross-country ski competition and fun, encourage achievement through team effort and encourage good ski technique.

    If your division has a Midget Championships on its competition calendar, encourage your club to send a team.  If your division does not offer this event, perhaps your club would consider hosting it!

    The above programs are appropriate for the Jackrabbit and Track Attack programs.

    To view information on how to build Ski Playgrounds click here and to view our CCC Ski Playground video Click Here.

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