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    • New for the 2013-14 season - Jackrabbit Poster

      June 27, 2013

      It is already time to start preparing for another great season - fall start up is here!
      New for the 2013-14 Season
      CCC has developed a Jackrabbit Poster as a new format for the Jackrabbit skiers to record and house their awards and achievements.  The impetus for this change was to have the Jackrabbit program recording system be more accessible and interesting for children and to allow children to record their achievements in a fun and child friendly format. The idea is to have each Jackrabbit child hang the poster in their room, and for the poster to be highly visual, a journey of their 4 years in the Jackrabbit program. The Bunnyrabbits will continue to have their own booklet.
      We have reduced the text and simplified the progression to awards so that they are accessible for children’s comprehension. The awards have remained unchanged. As you will notice we have incorporated the Devon Kershaw Dryland Awards and the Alex Harvey Competition Awards. On the side of the poster we have added a kilometre tracker for the children to record how many km’s they have skied over the course of their Jackrabbit program journey. Each poster will have a French version on one side and the English version on the other.

      All Jackrabbit booklet information is now housed on the jackrabbit pages on the SDP pages on the CCC website:http://cccski.com/Programs/Athlete-Development/Skill-Development-Programs/Jackrabbits.aspx