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    • First Runjumppull testing results are out!

      August 9, 2019

      These first average results and best scores for each of the tests that make up the Runjumppull challenge are based on data forwarded by clubs and teams between June 1st and August 7th.

      RJP results up August 7, 2019

      The sample (# of participants) is not huge yet but we hope this first posting of RJP results will encourage more clubs and teams to run these dryland tests before the end of the dryland season. The more testing data we receive, the more the information derived from averages and top scores will be representative and significant.

      Note that although not formally included in the RJP tests, we do encourage clubs to run a 3000m test for athletes in the L2C stage of development and above (15-16 and older).

      When the database contains enough data for the average and top scores to be quite representative of athletes development across the country, we will establish national standards for each exercise, YOB and gender.

      Please forward your results using this template to [email protected]