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      November 30, 2011

      As Canada’s NST take on Europe’s early season circuit, the Para-Nordic Ski Team is amidst the final stages of their transition season.
      Here is a glimpse into this exciting time of year for two of Canada’s star PNST athletes.
      Colette Bourgonje
      On the heels of finishing a development camp at Little Red, SK and fresh off the hay field where she trains in her backyard, Colette gave a recap of how her transition season is shaping up. 
      “Besides training in the field quite a bit right now, as we’ve been able to groom what snow we have, I recently started a contract with Saskski for the ski season,” said Colette.
      In this role, Colette explained she will provide direction and support to increasing the number of sit skiers and standing skiers (who have experienced amputation) that ski in Saskatchewan. She’s assisting with a variety of tasks, including sit ski rentals and equipment fitting, and is working directly with skiers as young as aged nine to those in their 40’s.
      She’s thrilled about connecting the skiers to clubs and generating more awareness for the sport. For more information, contact Saskski: http://www.saski.ca/mainpage.htm
      Colette will begin racing on December 15 during the IPC World Cup in Sjusjoen, Norway.
      Brian McKeever
      “It’s been an interesting transition this year because we were in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 25 degrees by the pool after training... to -5 on snow. We haven’t been on rollerskis once since getting back and the early season snow conditions are amazing. Moraine Lake Road for example has some of the best early season ski conditions I can remember,” said Brian.
      He remarked on the exciting year ahead as his guide Erik is doing great and is rapidly progressing.
      “Erik is training in a new way, and it’s working well for his body. He’s in good shape and I’ve had to work hard to keep up with him. It’s also been good to have Shane, our physiologist around. Down south he worked hard to keep an eye on us so our bodies could handle the volume,” said Brian.
      Brian will begin racing December 3 and 4th in some European Able Bodied races and will join his teammates, including Colette, at the first IPC World Cup races where he’ll participate in four races.
      ~Good luck team!