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    • Adventures Uphill - Mark Arendz

      July 11, 2016

      Mark Arendz & Brian McKeever

      To kick off the training camp schedule for this season the team headed south to Bend, Oregon. This June camp has become a favorite for everyone on the team. The combination of warm or even hot, weather, usually with very little rain is ideal for great training. The training opportunities are fantastic. Not to mention the ‘recovery’ food and drink scene is incredible. (There are more then two dozen breweries, local to Bend.) It has always been a joy to go to Bend. The training and food are both great but I think a large part of it is the atmosphere of the town. With the climate they have it would be hard not to get outside and do something. It is more then that, the town itself has built a very active and exciting lifestyle. Which then can be enjoyed it some awe-inspiring scenery.

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