New Saskatoon Elementary Schools Named After Athletes, Scientists

    October 12, 2016

    Saskatoon's public school board is looking to the past for the names of its new elementary schools.

    At Tuesday night's meeting, the Saskatoon Board of Education chose the names for four new elementary schools in the city.

    The new school in Evergreen will be named after Doctor Sylvia Fedoruk, developer of the world's first Cobalt 60 unit used to treat cancer. In Hampton Village, the school will be named after famed artist Ernest Lindner. Rosewood's school will be named after Paralympic athlete and former Saskatoon teacher Colette Bourgonje. Finally, Stonebridge's new school will be named after Chief Whitecap, founder of the Whitecap Dakota First Nation and co-founder of the city of Saskatoon.

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