• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • World Cup Final 2017 Preliminary Team Announcement

      February 15, 2017

      To give athletes as much notice as possible to plan for the Canada World Cup Final March 17-19, 2017 in Quebec City, a preliminary selection announcement is provided below. This preliminary selection is based on 7.5.a-e of the Amendment to the Selection Criteria for Competitions (23-Jan-2017)

      The remainder of the selection process (7.5.f-g) will be completed after March 5 to allow consideration of all the international race results in February and early March.

      WSC Team
      Alex Harvey                           NST - CNEPH - Club Nordique Mont Ste Ann
      Devon Kershaw                      NST - Onaping Falls
      Len Valjas                               NST - Team Hardwood
      Jess Cockney                          NST - Foothills Nordic
      Graeme Killick                       NST - Ptarmigan Nordic
      Knute Johnsgaard                   NST - AWCA - Whitehorse
      Emily Nishikawa                    NST - Whitehorse
      Dahria Beatty                          NST - AWCA – Whitehorse
      Cendrine Browne                    NST - CNEPH - Fondeurs
      Katherine Stewart Jones          NST - TBay NTDC - Nakkertok
      Olivia Bouffard-Nesbitt           NST - AWCA – Fondeurs-Laurentides

      FIS COC Leaders at end of Period 3
      Maya Macisaac-Jones             NST – AWCA – Rocky Mountain Racers
      Russell Kennedy                     Canmore Nordic

      World Junior Championships (top 12 result)
      Gareth Williams                      NST Jr – Telemark

      NorAm Ranking Top ranked athletes based on best 4 races (this excludes athletes selected above):
      Andy Shields (1st)                  Lappe
      Sophie Carrier-Laforte (6th)   CNEPH - Skinouk

      COC Points - Best 4 Cdn Results for WC Selection - Women
      COC Points - Best 4 Cdn Results for WC Selection - Men

      *PyeongChang World Cup results between 20 and 30 were not considered in this preliminary selection based on an analysis of the depth of field at this event. These results may be considered in the final selection process 7.5.f.