Athlete Handbook

The Athlete Handbook provides key information for National Ski Team (NST) and Para-Nordic National Ski Team (PNST) athletes. It is one of the obligations of a NST/PNST athlete to read, understand and abide by any directions contained in the enclosed material. If an athlete is unclear about any items, they may contact Cross Country Canada personnel for clarification.

The Handbook includes a summary section, which highlights key information and a set of appendices. It is important that athletes read and understand all of the material. Model agreements provided in appendices are examples only and are not warranted to be comprehensive or legally binding. CCC recommends that athletes entering into significant agreements seek independant legal advice.

Please note that every effort has been taken to ensure the information here is the most current. This Handbook may be updated from time to time and such amendments will be forwarded to the athletes.

Athlete Handbook 2017-18