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    • Yukon's athletes get new funding boost amid 'dried up' sponsorship climate

      April 25, 2017

      From left to right, Emily Nishikawa, Shawn Ryan, Cathy Wood, Dahria Beatty, and Knute Johnsgaard
      (Submitted by Grant Abbott)

      Yukon's athletes have a new source of funding to pursue their careers to the next level.

      A new Northern Exploration and Sport Development Fund, established by RyanWood Exploration of Dawson City, Yukon, will help athletes compete for their dreams to make it to the Olympics.

      The fund's first recipients are cross-country skiers Knute Johnsgaard, Emily Nishikawa and Dahria Beatty, as they compete to make it to the next Olympics. Altogether, the athletes will receive $70,000 this year."It's unbelievable, that sigh of relief that we all have right now looking forward. It'll take a lot of that load off our backs," said Johnsgaard.

      "Sports — and youth sports in particular — is very dear to my heart," said Cathy Wood, who's sponsoring the fund along with her partner Shawn Ryan.

      It was having her own children, born and raised in Dawson City, Yukon, that made Wood realize how difficult it is for youth who are serious about sports.

      "They often need to go outside [of their cities] after a certain point, in order to have advanced coaching or competition," she said.

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