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    • Cross-country skiing has 'amazing' resurgence in Nova Scotia

      February 16, 2016

      CBC News Halifax: I'm trying my hand at cross-country skiing at the newest site in the Halifax area — Brunello Estates in Timberlea.

      "This is what it's all about, enjoying groomed trails and being able to ski outside our back door in wonderful venues," said Lorenzo Caterini, a member of Martock Nordic Ski Club and one of 16 volunteer trail groomers.

      Their grooming work at Brunello Estates, McDonald Sports Park, Dollar Lake Provincial Park and Graves Oakley Memorial Park has created a boom in the sport.

      Those who cross-country ski are excited about the grooming and growing interest in the sport.

      "There's a spike in skate skiing and last year we saw a spike compared to the year before," said Andrew Myatt of Mountain Equipment Co-op, who races and teaches cross-country skiing.

      Growing trends

      The work done by ski club volunteers on snowmobiles with grooming rollers hitched on the back has led to increased registration numbers at their club. 

      Their club at Martock now has 410 members when just two years ago it had 135...