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    • Haywood RACE Report: Katherine Stewart-Jones leads Canadians with 36th, World Championships 10k

      February 28, 2017



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      There were a bit warmer conditions, +3 deg. C. as the women set out on the fast and firm tracks for the 10k classic race at the World Championships.


      Canada's young women's team has been tagged with the "next generation" label, with only Emily Nishikawa having previous World Championship experience. Results to date have shown some signs of promise, and it is worth noting that there are several skiers that are not in Lahti, that are skiing at similar levels, providing some much needed depth to the program.

      With the athletes not breaking into the medals, or top 10's, it is a bit of a challenge to determine where the skiers are at on the development curve, but it is worth noting that Canadian stars such as Sara Renner and Beckie Scott, all had a number of races in the 50's, 40's and 30's in their first few World Championships.

      Cendrine Browne, Dahria Beatty, Emily Nishikawa, Katherine Stewart-Jones

      Today's race saw Norway's Marit Bjoergen ski to a resounding 41 second victory, with Sweden's Charlotte Kalla 2nd and Astrid Jacobsen of Norway 3rd.

      23.02.2017, Lahti, Finland (FIN): Katherine Stewart-Jones (CAN) - FIS nordic world ski championships, cross-country, individual sprint, Lahti (FIN). www.nordicfocus.com. © Modica/NordicFocus.

      The top Canadian was Katherine Stewart-Jones in 36th, smashing the record of her best previous senior World Cup result of 46th, in last year's Ski Tour Canada. Emily Nishikawa finished 5 seconds later in 37th, Dahria Beatty was 39th and Cendrine Browne 47th out of 72 starters.

      Next up for the women's team is the relay on Friday. Tomorrow it is the men's turn again, with the 15k classic, interval start event.

      28.02.2017, Lahti, Finland (FIN): Dahria Beatty (CAN) - FIS nordic world ski championships, cross-country, 10km women, Lahti (FIN). www.nordicfocus.com. © Thibaut/NordicFocus. 

      28.02.2017, Lahti, Finland (FIN): Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg (NOR), Cendrine Browne (CAN) - FIS nordic world ski championships, cross-country, 10km women, Lahti (FIN). www.nordicfocus.com. © Thibaut/NordicFocus.

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