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    • Haywood RACE Report: Dasha Gaiazova and Graham Nishikawa are Haywood Nationals sprint champs

      March 20, 2014


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      Race Day 5 at the Haywood Ski Nationals was overcast and just below zero, another great day for skiing. The weekend could be another story with +5 and rain scheduled for Friday and temperatures around the freezing mark, just to keep the wax tech's on their toes, for Saturday's long distance classic races.

      Today was the skate sprint events sponsored by Buff, featuring the junior and senior men's and women's categories.

      In the morning qualifiers Knute Johnsgaard of Whitehorse and Perianne Jones of Nakkertok were the ones to beat going into the knockout rounds. The course was shortened slightly to remove a challenging corner that saw a few athletes come a little too close for comfort to several trees, due to the fast conditions.

      The women's final saw Dasha Gaiazova of Mont Ste. Anne take a significant lead by the halfway mark, but Perianne Jones came up from behind at the finish to make a race of it, less than a second back at the finish. Alysson Marshall of Larch Hills was 3rd.

      Women's final, Heidi Widmer (L), Perianne Jones (R), Alysson Marshall, chasing Dasha.

      BUFF sprints, Sr. Women's podium

      The men's final went to a photo-finish as Graham Nishikawa of Whitehorse came from behind to out-lunge his teammate Knute Johnsgaard by .07 seconds for gold. A full .04 seconds later was Nakkertok's Patrick Stewart-Jones to claim bronze.

       Sr Men's photo-finish

      Men's sprint heat action, Michael Somppi chasing??, followed by Dominic Moncion-Groulx

      More from the men's heats

      BUFF sprints, Sr. Men's podium

      In the Junior Women's race Nakkertok's Katherine Stewart-Jones was the winner over Maya-McIssac-Jones of Rocky Mountain Racers and Dahria Beatty of Whitehorse.

      Jennifer Jackson leads a semi-final ahead of Katherine Stewart-Jones and Dahria Beatty

      Jr. Women's podium

      Evan Palmer-Charette of Lappe won a close battle over Nakkertok's Colin Foley in the Jr. Men's final. Scott Hill of Hardwood took the bronze.

      Jr. Men's podium


      The definition of Force Majeure, when something happens that is out of your control to interfere with your race start.  Welcome to Western Newfoundland!

      Moose fact: Newfoundland has about 150,000 moose, but what's really cool is that they are all descendants of a mere four moose that were introduced from New Brunswick in 1904.

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      Next up the final day of racing on Saturday, the long distance, mass start, classic races

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