Canada Points List Publication & Event Seeding 2016-2017

CPL Database

 1.  Canada Points Lists

a)    All FIS and CCC sanctioned races will be included in the points lists, provided the appropriate race information has been forwarded to FIS/CCC by the publication deadlines. Only current licence holders at the time of the competition will be awarded points.


b)    Distance Points Lists (DPL) and a Sprint Points Lists (SPL) will be created. These lists will be based on the top international skier and will rank all FIS licence and Canadian licence holders based on CPL calculations. The standard lists will include points from all races in the 365 days preceding the publication date. A competitor who did not compete for more than one year since the last considered results, will loose all CPL points earned.


c)    Publication release dates (aligned with FIS Points List publications as much as possible)


1st  list:  25/10/2016

2nd list:  24/11/2016

3rd list:  23/12/2016
4th list:  26/01/2017

5th list:  17/02/2017
6th list:  09/03/2017
7th list:  06/04/2017


2.    Calculation Process


a)      Distance: a Competitor’s points will be the average of his or her best seven distance results over the last 365 days.


b)      Sprint: a Competitor’s points will be the average of his or her best four results (using qualifying times) over the period of the last 365 days.


c)      Athlete’s with less than the required number of races will have their race points adjusted in the following manner:



                                                               i.      Best three results X .99 = Sprint Points

                                                              ii.      Best two results X .98 = Sprint Points

                                                            iii.      Best single result X .97 =.Sprint Points



                                                            iv.      Best six results X .99  = Distance Points

                                                              v.      Best five results X .98 = Distance Points

                                                            vi.      Best four results X .97 = Distance Points

                                                           vii.      Best three results X .96 = Distance Points

                                                         viii.      Best two results X .95 = Distance Points

                                                            ix.      Best single result X .94 = Distance Points


d)      All races with the same distance and course, for each gender, starting at a similar time on that day, are scored as if they were a single race.


e)      Race points:

·      The scores of the 2 highest point’s carriers from the previous points list, considering only Canadian and FIS licence holders, are averaged to give the Reference Points factor for that race. These skiers must finish in the top five in the race.

·      Commencing in the 2015-16 Competition season, sanctioned midget competitions with 2 or more CCC license holders in the top 5 will default to carry a minimum Reference Point factor of 55 Points.  In cases where the reference point skier's points are greater than 55 the higher points will be used to calculate the Reference Points factor
   The average of the 2 fastest times over the distance is calculated and called the reference time.

·      A given skier’s points for the race are calculated by dividing the Reference time by the skier’s time and multiplying it by the reference points factor.


3.    Calculating penalties


a)    For World Cups, Olympics and World Senior Championships, a race points factor of 100 will be applied to the race points calculation. There is zero penalty for the events.


b)    For all other competitions there will be no penalty applied to the calculated Reference Points as explained above.

4.    Seeding


a)   The published CPL lists will serve as seeding lists to be used between the publication dates in accordance with CCC’s technical packages and CCC rules. For protocol on seeding Canadian Championships, the Haywood NorAm Series and other CCC events, please visit our CCC website. 


b)   If an event (i.e. several races hosted by an Organizing Committee) carries over a publication date, the seeding used at the start of the event will remain in effect for the duration of the event unless otherwise stipulated in the technical package covering the event. 


c)   Where special circumstances (illness, injury and absence from Canada) dictate, consideration will be given to adjusting the seeding status of proven high level athletes.  The Director of High Performance will make a decision on such cases based on a written submission from the athlete concerned, one week in advance of the event. Generally this adjustment will last only for one period and will use as a reference the athlete’s unadjusted points.

Disclosure:  Purchase of a CCC License entitles race performance's to be tracked and included in the Canada Points List.  CCC uses all efforts to include registered FIS and CCC sanctioned competition results on the points list however due to the increasing number of Canadian racers competing outside of Canada we cannot guarantee inclusion of al results from every sanctioned competition.  If sanctioned CCC or FIS race results do not appear on the most recent CPL please inform CCC within 30 days of the publication of the Seeding or Selection list.  CCC cannot be held responsible for result omissions after this period.

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