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      May 13, 2010

      Val di Fiemme 2013 on track

      The 4th meeting of the FIS Coordination Group for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2013 in Val di Fiemme (ITA) was held in Cavalese on Wednesday 12th May 2010. The ever-growing team of Fiemme 2013 hosted the representatives of FIS, the TV and marketing rights holder EBU, its sales agency Tridem Sports and the host broadcaster RAI, with its genuine heart-felt Italian hospitality.

      FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis summarized: "Each time we come to Val di Fiemme, and this was the fourth Coordination Group meeting, the organizing committee shows another big step forward...

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      Candidates for the 2015 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

      The organizers of the 2014 FIS Ski Flying World Championships and the 2015 FIS Alpine, Nordic, Freestyle and Snowboard World Championships will be elected by the FIS Council on Thursday, 3rd June 2010. The announcement of the elected organizers will take place in Antalya (TUR) at approximately 19:00 local time.

      Below please find brief portraits of the four candidates for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2015 (in alphabetical order) below as presented by the candidates themselves. The candidates for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championship 2015, the FIS Freestyle & Snowboard World Championships 2015 and the 2014 FIS Ski Flying World Championships will follow in the next two editions of the FIS Newsflash.

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      Falun - Candidate for Nordic Events 2015

      Beyond Skiing is a concept where we bring the extreme challenges of the sport to a wider and younger audience. The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2015 will bring together the joy of skiing for youngsters, cultural events, politics, business and entertainment. Falun - Dalarna will bring the world closer to the sport and skiing closer to the world.

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      Lahti - Candidate for Nordic Events 2015

      We all know that Lahti has always lived from winter sports. Since 1926, Lahti has arranged the World Ski Championships six times.

      World Ski Championships in 2015 would be the biggest winter festival we have ever seen. More than one million visitors are expected to experience the atmosphere of Championships competitions combined with dozens of supporting cultural events.  Lahti has world-class facilities for all events at one location. Lahti can ensure big crowds at the stadiums - in all events on all competition days.

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      Oberstdorf - Candidate for Nordic Events 2015

      Who could ever forget these images: The snow-covered Allgäu Mountains. The great atmosphere. The exciting sprints on the final stretch. The emotional award ceremonies in the Nordic Park. The many friendly volunteers in their blue snowsuits. The tears of joy, the struggles in the climb up the Burgstall. More than 350'000 ski sports fans from all over the world. Peaceful, happy, jolly. A festival of ski sports. A winter wonderland. A dream.

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      Zakopane - Candidate for Nordic Events 2015

      Zakopane, the largest and best-known tourism and sports center in Poland, is willingly visited both in summer and winter. The city, with 27'000 residents, is situated at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. Zakopane has developed from a little mining village to an international spa and holiday resort. It has been visited by tourists for 150 years and already the Tatra Society, one of the world's oldest tourism organizations, laid the foundation for the harmonious use of the environment, tourism and sports.

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