• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • 2019 FIS World Jr & U23 Championships

      23 novembre 2018

      The 2019 World Junior and U23 Championships will be held in Lahti, Finland from January 20th until the 27th.

      Date of Departure from Canada: Monday, January 7th

      Date of Return to Canada: Sunday, January 27th

      Trip Fee: $3500. This must be paid prior to departure from Canada. Payments can be made via cheque or e-transfer to Cross Country Canada. If paying by cheque, bring with you to trials.

      Trip Details:
      ·   Pre-camp in Sjusjoen, Norway January 8-17
      ·   Air travel from Oslo, Norway to Lahti, Finland on January 17th
      ·   Pre-competition training January 18-19
      ·   World Junior and U23 Championship January 20-26
      ·   Return to Canada January 27th

      Additional Information for Selected Athletes:
      ·   All athletes need to ensure their passports are valid until April 28th, 2019 or for 3 months beyond the duration of their stay in Europe for those athletes carrying onto “B” Tours.  Passport info must be available at time of selections.
      ·   Team clothing will be distributed as soon as possible upon qualification at trials in Whistler.
      ·   CCC will provide out-of-country insurance.
      ·   Athlete are responsible for the following costs which are not included in the trip fee: baggage fees, food on travel days, personal expenses.
      ·   Any fees related to changing flights for those athletes continuing onto “B” Tours is at the expense of the athlete.
      ·   Athletes should travel with a credit card to pay baggage fees and any emergency expenses.
      ·   On travel days, it is expected that all athletes have a cell phone in order to deal with potential issues during travel.

      World Junior-U23 flights, European training camp, and coaching information:
      ·   Flights will be booked immediately following trials on December 17th.  Personal info and flight details must be provided at time of acceptance.
      ·   Connecting flight itinerary will be finalized and sent via email once selections are completed.
      ·   A pre-championship camp will take place in Sjusjoen, Norway January 8-17.
      ·   The Head Coach, Erick Braaten, will communicate with athletes and their coaches regarding the training plan as soon as possible after team is selected.

      Staff Supporting the Team:
      Chris Jeffries – Team Manager
      Erik Braaten – Head Coach
      Katie McMahon – Lead Female Coach
      Charles Castonguay – Lead Male Coach
      Joel Jaques – Lead technician
      Devon Kershaw
      Timo Puiras
      Matt Smider

      Any immediate questions can be directed to:
      Chris Jeffries – Trip manager
      [email protected]