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    • 2017 Winter Universiade Almaty, Kazakhstan Selection Criteria – Cross Country Ski

      January 7, 2016

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      2017 Winter Universiade Almaty, Kazakhstan
      Selection Criteria – Cross Country Ski

      The objective of this document is to describe the selection criteria that will be used in selecting athletes for the Cross-Country ski team to represent Canada in the 2017 FISU World University Games (WUG).

      WUG: World University Games
      CIS: Canadian Interuniversity Sport
      CPL: Canada Points List
      FISU: Féderation Internationale du Sport Universitaire Selection Committee (Committee formed to select the team)
      CCC: Cross Country Canada
      CCC EDC: Cross Country Canada Education Committee

      1. Team SIZE: up to 6 males and up to 6 females. If a selected athlete declines his/her nomination, the next ranked eligible athlete of that gender will be the replacement as further set forth in Section 3.4. Each country is allowed to enter up to 6 athletes per race.

      2. Athlete eligibility: All competitors must satisfy the following conditions to be considered an “eligible athlete” (from CIS website):
      2.1  Be a Canadian citizen. Citizenship must be authorized with a valid Canadian passport.
      2.2  Be at least 17 and less than 28 years of age as of January 1st in the year of the event (i.e.: be born between Jan 1, 1989 and Dec 31, 1999 for the 2017 Universiade)
      2.3  Be a student who is registered for and pursuing a full programme of study leading towards a degree or diploma at a post-secondary institution.
      1. Status must be authorized by a document from the registrar of the institution.
      2. Post-secondary institutions include community colleges, professional schools, technical schools, C.E.G.E.P., and universities, in Canada or outside of Canada
      3. or Be a former student who has graduated from a post-secondary institution as a student in good standing, in the year preceding the event.

      *Graduation must be authorized by a document from the registrar of the institution.

      Academic Eligibility Form:

      1. Selection:

      3.1 The teams (men and women) will be selected based on the standing on the WUG Ranking Lists of athletes that meet CIS eligibility criteria in Section 2. The WUG ranking lists will be established by using the CPL scoring system, including all races eligible for CPL points, and as further set out in this section.

      3.2 The Distance Ranking List for each gender will rank eligible athletes based on the sum total of their best four CPL points’ results from distance races over the entire 2015-16 season (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016).  The Sprint Ranking List for each gender will rank eligible athletes based on the sum total of their best two CPL points results from sprint races over the entire 2015-16 (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016) CPL sprint points are based on qualification only and not final result in a sprint race.

      3.3 Subject to paragraph 3.5, the top two athletes on the sprint ranking list for each gender will be selected followed by the top four athletes on the distance ranking list of each gender. If an athlete in the top four on the distance ranking list was also in the top two on the sprint ranking list, the next ranked athlete on the distance ranking list will be selected.

      3.4 If a selected athlete declines nomination to the team or is replaced for any reason, the selection of the next athlete will be made such that the team composition remains the two highest ranked available athletes on the sprint ranking list with the remaining positions being filled from the distance ranking list.

      3.5 All selected athletes must have a minimum CPL points’ average of 86 points for men and 84 for women on either WUG distance or sprint ranking lists.

      NB: The WUG Ranking Lists will be published on the CCC website by May 1, 2016.

      1. Force Majeure

      4.1 If an athlete is unable to race the minimum number of events (4 distance or 2 sprint over the 2015-2016 season) due to injury or illness, the Selection Committee may consider an application by the athlete to be selected.

      4.2 This application must be submitted to the Selection Committee by April 15, 2016. This application must be supported by a letter from a physician indicating the athlete could not perform in the required number of eligible races, and that the athlete is expected to be healthy enough to perform at the 2017 WUG.

      4.3 This application will only be considered if the athlete has CPL points for the 2014-15 season (counting the same number of races as the 2017 WUG ranking lists) that would rank the athlete in the top 3 of the team selected (when compared to best points, distance or sprint, of athletes on the 2017 WUG ranking lists) and meeting the minimum CPL points standards of 86 points for men and 84 for women.

      4.4 Athletes selected by Force Majeure considerations will be added to the trip team size of six men or six women.

      1. Selection Committee

      The Selection Committee is comprised of the following:

      • WUG 2017 Team Leader Nordic Skiing – TBD
      • CCC Director of Coaching and Athlete Development – Stéphane Barrette
      • CCC Representative – University Skiing Liaison – Lisa Patterson
      • CIS International Coordinator – Lia Taha Cheng
      1. At Games Authority

      Nomination to the WUG Team does not provide an entitlement to be entered in a particular race at the World University Games. The decision as to which athletes are entered in each race at the WUG will be made by the Team Leader and Head Coach. This decision cannot be appealed.

      1. Trip fee and Contract
      A $500 deposit and signed contract will be due May 31st, 2016 from each selected athlete to confirm his/her intent to be on the team.  The $500 deposit can be returned up until August 31st, 2016 for circumstances within reason.  Selected athletes will be required to pay the balance of the trip fee (estimated to be in the order of $4000, excluding airfare) by Nov. 15, 2016.
      1. For further information:

        An information session will be coordinated at the 2016 Haywood Ski Nationals in Whitehorse, YK

        Until January 31st, 2016, contact:
        Lisa Patterson
        [email protected]

      The 2017 WUG Team Leader will be selected January 31st, 2016. The Team Leader will be the contact after this date.

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