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    The general aims of the Haywood NorAm Race Series are to assist in athlete development at the elite level and to promote cross-country ski racing to the public at large. The series enables the best skiers (seniors and juniors) from Canada and guests from the United States to compete head-to-head during the early and final periods of the ski season. The series also encourages high level domestic competition among regional skiers who aspire to National Development and National Team status. This produces international and national level competition opportunities that facilitate team and trip selection and prepares athletes for international competition in Europe.

    The Haywood NorAm Race Series is the premier Canadian domestic racing series and makes up the balance of Canada’s FIS Continental Cup Series used to determine Continental Cup World Cup entrants.  In 2017, an interlocking schedule with select USSA Super Tour events was introduced to  enhance the competitive level at NorAm events.

    The full Haywood NorAm Race Series calendar is developed in conjunction with the High Performance Committee, Provincial and Territorial Divisions of Cross Country Canada. In principle, provincial or territorial events are coordinated within the national calendar. Regional events of significant importance, including the Eastern and Western Canadian Championships, are integrated into the Haywood NorAm Race Series. To every extent possible, the events of adjoining provinces/territories should be “conflict free” in order to permit larger fields to assemble at a single site.

    Since 2004 Haywood Securities Inc. expanded upon their National Ski Team sponsorship and became the title sponsor of the Haywood NorAm Race Series. As a component of the overall Haywood NorAm Race Series, a number of designated sprint races are included as part of the National Sprint Series.

    2019-20 COC / NorAm Leader Entitlements

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