• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • FIS sanctions Russian Ski Association and Kornelia Marek (POL)

      June 3, 2010

      Meeting during the 47th International Ski Congress in Antalya (TUR), the FIS Council has decided to sanction the Russian Ski Association as a response to the high number of doping cases and lack of adherence to the FIS Anti-Doping Rules.

      The Russian Ski Association has expressed its sincerest remorse for the situation and informed FIS about the serious work that has been initiated at the very highest level in Russia in the fight against doping.

      The Council welcomed this important step that is underway in Russia, which it recognized in issuing sanctions that have the following objectives:

      1. As a retrospective measure, to reflect the Council's strong disapproval of the situation.

      2. To prospectively encourage the Russian Ski Association to bring about the necessary, immediate and effective change within its organization to enable it carry out its obligations as a FIS member in the important area of doping prevention and control.

      3. To send a message to the Russian Ski Association, in particular, and to the world at large, that the FIS Council views anti-doping compliance seriously and will not hesitate to act appropriately where it is necessary to do so.

      The sanction on the Russian Ski Association consists of the following three elements:

      • An immediate monetary sanction equal to the half of the FIS financial support due to the Russian Ski Association in 2009 amounting to CHF 177'989.

      • A strong recommendation to install a new group of officials and coaches that have not been associated with the athletes and in the programs during the past years during which there have been multiple doping cases, in view of building up a new team for Sochi 2014 that rejects doping.

      • A formal request that the following coach, official and trainers be removed indefinitely from their current positions and from any other position within the Association so that they are no longer involved in any position of responsibility and influence:
        • Coach of Sergey Shiryaev and Juliya Tchepalova: Anatoly Tchepalov
        • Coaches and medical personnel of the athletes Evgeni Dementiev, Natalia Matveeva and Nina Rysina.

      The FIS Council decided to suspend the passing of further sanctions subject to the Russian Ski Association providing to FIS, no later than 1st November 2010, a report on its anti-doping work program including details on the professional management of the anti-doping program, a comprehensive financial budget and timetable for the training and education of all officials and athletes within the Russian Ski Association.

      Such further sanctions may include:

      • a further monetary fine of the remaining 50% of the FIS financial support due to the Russian Ski Association in 2009 amounting to CHF 177'989

      • and/or other measures described in article 12.3.1 of the FIS Anti-Doping Rules:

        (a) withdraw some or all FIS membership rights, including participation in all FIS calendar competitions, voting rights at the FIS Congress, ban all officials from that National Ski Association for participation in any FIS activities for a period of up to two years and/or

        (b) cancellation of the organization of future FIS events in the disciplines concerned and/or

        (c) suspend that National Ski Association's membership for a period of up to 4 years.

      FIS Doping Panel sanctions Kornelia Marek (POL)

      The FIS Doping Panel has rendered its decision in the case of the Polish cross-country skier Kornelia Marek. The Panel found that the athlete has committed an anti-doping rule violation contrary to article 2.1 of the FIS Anti-Doping Rules 2010 during the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver (CAN) and sanctioned her to two years ineligibility.

      Kornelia Marek tested positive for the use of the prohibited substance recombinant EPO, identified on the WADA Prohibited List 2010 in Class S2 Hormone and Related Substances, during an in-competition doping control on 25th February 2010 in Whistler (CAN). The IOC decided that the athlete infringed the rules and disqualified all her results from the Olympic Winter Games and delegated the case to FIS for action within its competence.

      The period of ineligibility commences as from the date of the start of the provisional suspension by FIS on 16th March 2010. Consequently, the athlete is ineligible to participate in any capacity in an event or activity authorized or organized by FIS or any National Ski Association until 16th March 2012.

      The FIS Doping Panel decision may be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) within 21 days before the above decision will come into force.