Nickel Plate Cross Country Ski Club School Ski Program

    April 15, 2004



    School Ski Program


    In the late spring of 2001 the club approached the Okanagan Skaha School Board to explore the idea of implementing an introductory ski program for grade 5 students. This led to an agreement  that included day passes, equipment and coaching for a class of 60 grade 5 students.  Our club then purchased enough skis, boots and poles to work with 60 students at one time.


    A club member coordinates the scheduling of classes and coaches. There were 1000 student visits (from 11 schools) the first year, and 1200 visits from 12 schools this year. This year the club was booked from mid January through to the end of March.


    The travel time to the club is approximately 45 to 60 minutes from Penticton.  Classes arrive by school bus at 10:00am and leave at 2:00pm.  Students are divided into groups of 8 to 10 and have a fully qualified instructor plus one or two chaperones per group. Lessons last for 1.5 hours in the morning and about 1-2 hours in the afternoon. Very little instruction is given in the afternoon as this is more of a ‘fun time’. Each student is provided with a free weekend ski pass including the use of ski equipment, and a certificate indicating successful completion of the program. As well each chaperone and teacher that comes with the school group is provided with a free day pass. The program has been very successful with everyone enjoying the experience. The side benefit to the club has been an increase in our BC Ski League program, an increase in membership and an increase in the number of day use skiers (resulting from our ability to provide rental equipment on site).


    Leader Training


    As a result of our School Ski Program, BC Ski League Program, and increasing requests for Adult Ski Lessons, the club has been offering regular NCCP Level 1 Technical courses and CCBC Leader Training Courses to meet the demand for trained and certified coaches.




    The trail and building construction, the BC Ski League Program, and the organization of the School Ski Program could not have been accomplished without the dedication and commitment of club members. The members look after the day-to-day operation of the club, advertising, membership, potluck lunches, work parties and the many other tasks performed by unsung volunteers. The ski club symbolizes the energy and efforts harnessed by a community of individuals united by a common interest.


    The Future


    Where are we going from here? The club has initiated a survey of its membership to assist in the development of a long-term vision and plan for the future. In the upcoming season the Executive will present the results of membership feedback in the form of our new plan. This plan will build on the excellent skiing experience that members and visitors already enjoy as well as  programs that have been initiated for younger skiers at our club.


    Nickel Plate Cross Country Ski Club continues to provide a special experience for local skiers and visitors. We invite all to come and enjoy high elevation skiing on well-groomed trails with warm welcoming fellow skiers.